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  • cartesianprogramming 11:33 on 2010/08/26 Permalink | Reply  

    What are the operators available in tlcore? If we are loading up the integer library, we should provide the operations therein, as in the five operators. Is this done?

    • jarro2783 01:29 on 2010/08/27 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t understand the question.
      tlcore has no built in operators, they all come through loading the integer library and declaring things in the header. Are you wanting some of this to be automatic?
      To which five operators are you referring? There are plenty that we could have, all the arithmetic and comparison operators, we could have bitwise operators too. It’s partly a question of how we can implement these with a minimum of typing too.

      • cartesianprogramming 04:08 on 2010/08/27 Permalink | Reply

        I think that there should be a default set of operators. We can always use a flag to turn these on and off. For integers, at the minimum, +, -, *, /, %. For comparison, we have a problem with the angle brackets, we could use ge, gt, le, lt.

    • cartesianprogramming 05:01 on 2010/08/27 Permalink | Reply

      Parsing negative numbers is also problematic if we are not using the intmp interface. I propose that we do the same as in Haskell, and use the tilde (~) to indicate a negative number. That way there will be no confusion between ~3 (negative-three) and -3 (the negation operator applied to three).

    • jarro2783 04:04 on 2010/08/30 Permalink | Reply

      I forgot about the angle brackets. Although only < is a problem. Using tilde is a good idea. I think having a default set of operators is a good idea too. We should come up with a reasonable set of associativities and precedences and allow them to be redefined.

  • cartesianprogramming 11:18 on 2010/08/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Outputtting uuid in tlcore 

    tlcore --uuid

    This is neat, here are a few comments.

    1. The output from the equations section should be separated from the output from the expressions section with a %%.

    2. The uuid “4557f67592cb498fa684d50f5511a65” should read “uuid<4557f67592cb498fa684d50f5511a65>“.

    3. The output from the equations section is not taking into account the –verbose option.

    4. In –verbose mode, we should output equations, demands and expressions as eqn<…>, dem<…> and expr<…>, respectively.

    5. Should there be ;; at the end of each line of output?

    6. Should there be a separator between the input and output? As in a line ?

    • jarro2783 11:21 on 2010/08/26 Permalink | Reply

      uuid or uuid … ?
      The rest is easily fixed.

      • cartesianprogramming 11:23 on 2010/08/26 Permalink | Reply

        Problems with angle brackets. Now fixed.

        • jarro2783 11:24 on 2010/08/26 Permalink

          and my reply got broken with the angle brackets too, that doesn’t say what I intended it to.

      • cartesianprogramming 12:01 on 2010/08/26 Permalink | Reply

        The fix looks good. Points 5 and 6 should be tried out. For point 6, that is two dashes on a separate line, to separate the input lines from the output lines. In the reactive mode, there should be two lines with two dashes, before and after each output. If this is too verbose, we can remove it.

  • Blanca Mancilla 06:31 on 2010/08/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Yes, the trick is that SorceForge tl doc pages is not updated automatically with the your updates. Local copies do look better. Can this be done automatically?

    • jarro2783 07:27 on 2010/08/24 Permalink | Reply

      I’m not sure how to do this automatically. I can at least make a script that uploads the latest documentation, and then we would need to rebuild it every now and then as we add to the code.

  • Blanca Mancilla 05:52 on 2010/08/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Jarryd, why the “TransLucid Doxygen documentation” doesn’t include all the methods available to a class? Unless I’m missing something, I can’t find the class “Translator” under the class list, only under the “TransLucid Namespace Reference” and there, I can’t find the methods available. Is there a trick?

  • cartesianprogramming 06:59 on 2010/08/09 Permalink | Reply  

    The “tlcore with demands” and “reactive tlcore” entries have been updated: The ## has been replaced with $$.

  • Jarryd Beck 12:04 on 2010/08/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Current todo list 

    This is the current list of features that are required to work to make tlcore begin to be useful. The important system at the moment is the reactive one.

    • Load libraries in the header
    • define time and pass it in the context
    • add time : #time .. inf to the definition of equations
    • only begin execution after $$
    • bestfit with priority
    • print uuids
    • add a uuid type to allow the manipulation of equations
    • delete and replace
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