Higher-order Multidimensional Programming

Talk I gave to the Lambda Montreal Meetup group on 7 March 2018.
Slides: lambda-montreal-2018-03-07

Higher-order Multidimensional Programming by John Plaice

Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018, 6:00 PM

460 McGill, Suite 200 Montréal, QC

60 Functional Programmers Went

In 1975, William W. Wadge and Edward A. Ashcroft introduced the language Lucid, in which the value of a variable was a stream. The successors to Lucid took two paths. The first path, taken by Lustre, was to restrict the language so that a stream could be provided with a timed semantics, where the i-th element of a stream appeared with the i-th tick…

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